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Ralph & Gloria Merritt Scholarship Fund

The Ralph and Gloria Merritt Scholarship Fund has been established to honor the lives of two remarkable individuals, Ralph Dawson Merritt III and Gloria Iris Merritt, who passed away on September 14, 2023. Their children, Stacy Frisk and Steve Merritt created this scholarship to continue their devotion to the city of Plantation. The scholarship fund's mission is to support and advance firefighter education, with the aim of better equipping firefighters to serve the residents and visitors of the city.

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Ralph Merritt's dedication to the city of Plantation was notable because he served as a City Councilman for an impressive 26 years. His efforts were focused on building and fortifying the city's foundation, leaving a lasting legacy of progress.


Gloria Merritt, in turn, devoted over 30 years to volunteer work with the GFWC Plantation Woman's Club. Her contributions extended to numerous service projects that continue to positively impact the city and its residents. She played a pivotal role in the Woman's Club's support of the Plantation Fire Department. Their son, Steve, and daughter-in-law, Lici, began their careers as volunteer firefighters at the Plantation Fire Department. Today, Steve serves as a Battalion Chief in Plantation, and Lici is a Captain in the Coral Springs Fire Department. The funding provided by the Woman's Club went towards essential resources, including educational props, trailers, rescue golf cart, and more, benefiting the brave firefighters who serve and protect the community.


The Ralph and Gloria Merritt Scholarship Fund is a tribute to their enduring legacy of love, service, and commitment to the city of Plantation. To donate to the fund, please click here.

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