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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are important to us and help us serve you better. If you can't find the answer to your specific question here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We're here to help!

How many fire stations does Plantation have?

Plantation Fire Department operates six stations, with multiple fire apparatus, spread throughout the city to ensure that we are able to quickly respond to any emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Can I get a tour of a fire station?

Of course. We would love to show you around one of our stations. Please contact Fire Administration at 954-797-2150 to request a tour. If you see our bays open and our emergency lights are off, stop by and say hi!

What is a volunteer fire firefighter?

Just like professional firefighters, volunteer firefighters are responsible for responding to fire emergencies, rescuing people and animals, and preserving property from fire damage. In the United States, 70% of fire departments are staffed by volunteers! We perform other duties such as responding to other types of emergencies (like car accidents), participating in training drills, maintaining equipment, and contributing to fire prevention and safety education efforts within the Plantation community.

Are fire stations staffed 24/7, 365?

Yes! There is always personnel at each on of our fire stations (as long as they aren't responding to an emergency). Our rescue division EMTs and paramedics are on shift at all times while our volunteer firefighters respond when an emergency is dispatched.

How do firefighters know when to respond to an emergency?

Each of our firefighters has an advanced pager that signals when they need to respond to the station(s). The firefighter can listen to the dispatched information as they arrive at the station(s) and go en-route in an apparatus to the incident's location. On average, our response times to incidents are on par, or better, than the national average.

Can I be a volunteer firefighter?

Most can be! The Plantation Fire Department is currently accepting new volunteer firefighter and community emergency response team members. Membership is open to all Plantation residents over 18 who possess a high school diploma or GED certificate. If you're interested, please call 954-797-2150 or click here!

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