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Fire Truck

EMS Rescue

The Plantation Fire Department’s EMS Division began its service to the residents of Plantation in 1996. The EMS Division provides advanced life support (ALS) emergency services within the City of Plantation, operating five rescue trucks that are staffed 24 hours a day by paramedics and EMTs.

The Plantation Fire Department's EMS Division stands as an indispensable pillar of the community, dedicated to safeguarding lives during medical emergencies. With a steadfast commitment to public safety, this division plays a vital role in providing immediate medical assistance and pre-hospital care to those in need. As an integral part of the Plantation Fire Department, the EMS Division ensures a swift and effective response to emergencies, collaborating closely with other emergency response agencies. With highly trained personnel equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, along with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the Plantation Fire Department's EMS Division stands ready to deliver critical care when it matters most.

All medical care and procedures are provided under the direction of Dr. Jaroslaw “Jerry” Parkolap, Plantation Fire Department’s Medical Director using the latest EMS Protocols.

Firefighters in Action

Heart related diseases remain the number one killer of Americans. Early recognition and rapid treatment are the keys to surviving a heart attack. Plantation paramedics use advanced ECG assessment tools to determine quickly whether or not someone is having a heart attack.


Once the determination is made, treatment is begun and the 12 lead ECG (just like in a doctor’s office) is transmitted wirelessly to Westside Regional Medical Center, where a team of cardiac specialists is standing by to receive the patient. By transmitting a 12 lead ahead of the patient, time in the Emergency room is significantly reduced thereby shortening the time a patient is delivered to definitive, interventional care.

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