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High School Cadets

The Plantation Fire Department High School Cadet Program is your gateway to a world of invaluable experiences and transformative growth. Our program isn't just a crash course in firefighting; it's a comprehensive journey that equips you with skills that extend far beyond the firehouse.

You'll find a blend of classroom education and hands-on training that paves the way for a future of leadership, teamwork, and personal development. Under the mentorship of our dedicated fire professionals, you'll gain insight into the world of emergency services, learn to tackle challenges head-on, and build the foundation for a fulfilling career.

This journey isn't just about dousing flames; it's about lighting up lives. As a cadet, you'll be there to provide reassurance during emergencies, offer a helping hand to those in need, and learn the art of being a compassionate and reliable presence in times of crisis. Our program instills values of empathy, responsibility, and integrity, shaping you into a well-rounded individual who not only excels as a cadet but also blossoms into a future leader.

So, are you ready to embrace the call, to take the first step towards an extraordinary journey? Join the Plantation Fire Department High School Cadet Program and set ablaze your potential as you work towards becoming a beacon of hope within your community. The path to making a meaningful impact starts here – are you up for the challenge?" Give us a call at 954-797-2150 to find out more information and to join our cadet program!

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