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Fire Trucks

Community Events

Community events and activities are integral components of our mission to foster a safer and more informed community. These events offer unique, engaging, and informative experiences that bridge the gap between the Plantation Fired Department and the Plantation community.

Community events allow us to provide essential safety education, spark interest in fire service careers, and most importantly, establish a bond of trust and understanding with the people we are dedicated to protecting. From open houses at our fire stations, fire safety workshops, school visits, to participating in local parades and community fairs, each event serves a dual purpose: promoting fire safety awareness and fostering a stronger connection with our community.


In engaging with us at these events, community members gain invaluable insights into fire safety, emergency procedures, and the everyday life and work of a firefighter, all while engaging in enjoyable, family-friendly activities. Together, we are building a safer, more resilient community, one event at a time.

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