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Suppression Division

The fire suppression division is responsible for responding to emergency calls related to fires and life safety. Our firefighters are trained in extinguishing fires, performing search and rescue operations, and providing medical assistance when needed. They operate firefighting equipment, such as fire engines, ladder/platform trucks, and other specialized vehicles.

The dedicated volunteer members of our fire department are strategically assigned to stations near their residences. When incidents are reported, they swiftly receive alerts via pagers to respond to their assigned stations. Once a crew of three or more firefighters is assembled, they promptly board the fire trucks and rush to the incident location, consistently achieving an outstanding average response time of five minutes or less for emergency calls. Our highly skilled firefighters handle over 200 fire service requests each month, supported by state-of-the-art technology that assists them in delivering top-notch service.

Plantation proudly holds an ISO two (2) rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO), which assesses fire departments on a scale from 1 to 10, with one (1) being the highest rating. This favorable rating directly influences fire insurance rates in the area.

Firefighters in Action

Our fire department utilizes a Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that provides real-time information to firefighters, including details on fire situations, building floor plans, stored chemicals, and occupancy information. They also benefit from computerized mapping and Global Positioning Software (GPS), enabling them to take the most efficient route to an incident location. To ensure swift emergency response in urban settings, Plantation's emergency responders employ a traffic light preemption system from 3M. This system causes traffic lights within their path to turn green as they approach, granting them priority passage and facilitating quicker movement through congested areas.

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