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Volunteer Association

The Plantation Volunteer Fire Association is fundamental to the Plantation Fire Department, ensuring that volunteer firefighters receive ongoing support for themselves and their families. In coordination with the fire department, the association hosts fire fighter families with activities and events throughout the year while giving back to the Plantation community through out-reach and donations.

The Plantation Volunteer Fire Association (PVFA) unites an exceptional group of highly skilled firefighters, making it the largest volunteer fire department in Florida. Its members uphold a rich legacy of service to the people of Plantation, embodying the genuine essence of community solidarity in the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor.

Members of the PVFA are not just firefighters; they are pillars of the community who take immense pride in contributing to the greatness of Plantation. Mirroring the diverse fabric of our community, our members are waitstaff, accountants, administrative assistants, contractors, and other professionals who don dual hats, serving as firefighters protecting the city they hold dear.

Explore and learn about our contributions to the city's prosperity and growth. If you are a Plantation resident with a high school diploma, consider joining us. Discover how you can "Become One of Us" and make a difference in our shared community.

Firefighters in Action

The annual barbecue is one of the largest and oldest City-wide traditions. The half-century old event is held at Pine Island Park, 300 South Pine Island Road, in Plantation. The program offers live music, kids’ games, bounce houses, raffle prizes, live demonstrations and much more. As part of the program, Head Chef Barry Stearns has maintained the urban legend surrounding Former Mayor Frank Veltri’s “Secret Sauce.” The firefighters begin cooking at four in the morning and continue throughout the day. The traditional menu features ribs, chicken, beans, and coleslaw. Each year the firefighters prepare more than 4,000 pounds of chicken and ribs, 750 pounds of coleslaw, 334 dozen dinner rolls, 70 industrial sized cans of baked beans and 334 dozen cookies for dessert. Additionally the shopping list includes more than 5,500 pounds of ice and 3,300 pounds of charcoal.

Donate to the PVFA Today!

The Plantation Volunteer Fire Association is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. All membership benefits and family activities are possible due to donations from our community. We appreciate your support!

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