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Fire Trucks

News & Updates

Our public information office is dedicated to providing timely announcements, operational updates, and critical advisories to ensure our community remains well-informed. We encourage regular visits to stay abreast of the most pertinent developments from our esteemed department.

In our unwavering commitment to community engagement, transparency, and excellence in service, this dedicated section stands as a beacon, ensuring every resident of Plantation remains informed and connected. Here, we meticulously curate a spectrum of information, ranging from timely alerts and safety advisories to in-depth features on departmental initiatives, personnel highlights, and advancements in fire safety technology. By fostering an informed community, we believe we not only enhance safety but also strengthen the bond of trust and collaboration between our department and the residents we serve. As we march forward in our mission, we invite you to regularly visit and stay updated, ensuring you are always in tune with the latest from our dedicated team who remain steadfast in their duty to safeguard Plantation."

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